A+ school photos

“As parents of school age children, we thought it was high time to
make school photos fun and interesting.”

Garth Oriander

Our process is simple. We create environments that are natural for the kids. Our camera position and lights are set up in the classroom, on the oval, out in the playground — even in the school assembly room. Sometimes we'll use the outside environment where the kids play to create a beautiful background.

We put the kids (and teachers) at ease, and then take the photo. This way, we can capture the most natural looking photo that's full of personality.

Our tailored approach

Every photography session is tailored specifically to your school. We personalise our service to meet your requirements. Your photos will be that of the kids in their natural school environment — not a flat, harshly lit studio.

By using an individualised, creative approach, we'll produce outstanding images for your students and school. Photos that transcend time and place; photos parents will want to keep forever.

Above all, we'll ensure that the process is hassle-free and enjoyable for everyone at your school.

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