Sophisticated corporate photos

“We don't believe in boring, staged corporate photos — we want to
see the real person come to life.”

Jesper Nielsen

Our process is simple. We create environments that put people at ease. Our camera position and lights are set up in the office, in the boardroom, in the lunchroom, the depot or even outside — depending on your business. At the end of the day, it's whichever workspaces feels most comfortable for people.

We put your people at ease, and then take the photo. Whether it's a shot of a meeting in progress, a headshot or out on the road, we'll aim for the most natural look possible.

Our tailored approach

Every photography session is tailored specifically to your business. We personalise our service to meet your requirements. Your photos will be that of your staff in their workday environment.

By using an individualised, creative approach, we'll produce outstanding images for your business. Photos that transcend time and place; photos everyone in your business will be happy with.

Above all, we'll ensure that the process is hassle-free and enjoyable for everyone.

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